They say that “ only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.”  Aawaaz started as a small movement for the voiceless in 2004, slightly over a decade ago. In all this time, it has been our relentless effort to make the voice of the voiceless heard among policy makers at all levels and among the general population. For the many voiceless, it was like an avalanche of change. Through welfare and empowerment, their lives have changed for the better.

We continue to seek more opportunities for growth and improvement so we can truly unleash an avalanche of change for many more.

Objectives For The Next 3 Years:

⦁ More Centres for slum and street based children
⦁ Increasing sponsorship base for poor and needy children at the middle school and high school level.
⦁ Alleviating hunger among more needy children
⦁ Empowerment of HIV/AIDS infected and affected adolescents through job training and life-skills development
⦁ Livelihood finance opportunities for marginalized individuals

Aawaaz Team

Aawaaz is privileged to have a team of staff and volunteers who serve with open hands and hearts.

Priya Lingam- Administrave Assistant
Bobby Manuel- Office Support Staff
Nibir Sarkar- Children Care and Support
Manoj Dey- Community Learning Centre
Dolly Sarkar, Mamta Sk.- Teaching Staff
Asim Mondal, Gautam Roy- Account Staff
Rupa Chakrabory- Ujjiban Project Director
Rajkumar & Ruksar Dutta- Vocational Rehab Staff

Our Activites


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