Feeding Programme

According to UNICEF reports, despite substantial improvement in health and well-being since the country's independence

Education Sponsorships

Empowerment through education is inevitable for children and their families to break out of their cycle of poverty and deprivation.

Community Learning

Community buildings like local clubs are used for running these centres. Children from 10-14 years have an opportunity to receive non-formal education

Aawaaz- A Voice for the Voiceless

Message from Secretary

Mrs. Beena Nathan


Being a voice for the voiceless has been the motto for Aawaaz, since its inception in 2004. Over the years, we have seen and heard the voices of many silenced by poverty and deprivation, abuse and exploitation, violence and injustice. We have not had the answers always, but we have tried to seek it, we have not had the resources always, but we have judiciously used what was available, we have not had the courage always, but we have gone ahead in spite of fear, we have not had the strength always, but we have prayed for strength in weakness. So, along with many others who are engaged in a similar cause, we invest our portion. As Mother Teresa said, Though it is a drop in the ocean, the ocean would have been less by just the one drop.

Come and lend your voice to the voiceless. Send a child to school, clothe the poor, feed the hungry, heal the sick…each act of kindness and voice of concern counts.

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